Deborah Ferrari-Senior Tech Project Manager and Technical Speaker

It would not be wrong to say that we live in a civilization, where most crucial elements profoundly depend upon technology and science. Our life seems to revolve around technology, and it is next to impossible to imagine to conduct daily activities without the support of science.

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Deborah Ferrari is a well-known Tech Project Manager and has worked as a senior with a number of popular IT firms in the country. She is an entrepreneur, who lays focus on technology, society and international market. She has been associated with one of the leading IT firms in the country and has managed some of their most talked about projects. She has earned a name in the industry through her exceptional work and a track record of successfully delivering projects in the dedicated time frame.

She has been invited as a technical speaker at several important conferences, where she expressed her views regarding the current phase of the technology. Deborah Ferrari is also an inspiring Orator, who perfectly knows the art of convincing the listeners and infusing them with new thoughts about the science as well as technology. She has also been a part of various conferences that were held at different tech institutions in the country. There she presented the changes that have taken place due to advancement in science in the the last few years and how they have completely changed the approach of conducting a business.

She believes in first conducting a detailed search regarding the different aspects related to the field of science, and then present her views to the audience. Deborah Ferrari is quite appreciated for her unique style of representing her thoughts to the listeners, and it is her years of experience through which she has earned a remarkable position in the industry, while managing distinct technical projects. She knows the effective ways of handling all sorts of projects efficiently. and it is her in-depth knowledge as well as experience that has helped her in this task. She is counted amongst the popular technical speakers in the industry due to her modern and impressive ideas.